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"This is Roxas. I'm not here, so... leave a message, I guess."


Please put the date, time, and method of contact in the header of your comment so I can keep track. Thank you!
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Friday 21Nov, evening | audio

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Roxas, please tell me you're not busy right now.

[Roxas was the one who had asked Axel what love was in the first place. Suddenly this is the most awkward role reversal ever.]
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[He doesn't even correct him.] Do you have ten minutes to help me with something? I need to borrow your... infallibly straightforward logic.
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Not really. I guess I just... want your opinion? Sorry, didn't mean to wake you up.
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I know. It's weird. But I don't really got anybody else I can talk to about it. [The circle of people he really trusts is pretty small, Roxas, you should know this.] A guy can wanna know what his best friend thinks, can't he?

Wanna pull up a table at the cafeteria? We're a little short on clock towers here, unfortunately.
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> action!

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[Lea will be waiting in the cafeteria with a mug of coffee in front of him and a spare in front of an empty seat. He hasn't really drank much of the coffee, he just likes the sting of the slightly too-hot mug on his palms as he rolls it between them. Glancing up when Roxas' mop of yellow hair catches his eye, he grins.]

Hey hype. Sorry I interrupted your beauty sleep. Payback for all those naps you and Xion crashed.

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November 23rd | Late | Text

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[He normally hates texting but- well at least he has enough manners to TEXT instead of call at like 11pm at night.]

[Especially when its an awkward thing]

hey roxas u awake
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[Yep. Already feeling really stupid about this. Oh the troubles of being 16]

no no!

i just
[a beat] couldnt sleep and wanted to see if you were awake too!
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[Except it DOES save them a few minutes of beating around the bush and lies. Good job Roxas! So after a pause, he'll respond]

ok ok

my roommates are gone so im all alone in here and its

kinda creepy

[a beat]

please dont tell anyone
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[What were you expecting Roxas, oops I sorta stabbed my arm? He swears he knows to call the clinic for something THAT bad]

[But that does sound like an appealing offer. He still feels a little stupid and childish, but that idea beats the prospect of staying all night alone in a creepy room that reminds him of...well, something he rather not think about]


you sure your roommates wont mind
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[A pause. Good question]

dont worry ill be careful

i dont mind sleeping on the floor

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and ever;

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[not here: christmas day]

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[ under the tree, there's a plain white box with a yellow ribbon. on a sticker at the top is written roxas, with from: riku underneath.

inside, at first, is a pair of fluffy white earmuffs and a very long, soft checkered scarf. underneath that is a simple, hardcover book that's dark red, and in golden letters reads journey to the center of the earth, and a note reading never checked your reading level, but i figured you'd like this.

the last item inside is a rectangular tin box, and if roxas opens it, the smell of sugar and almond will hit him square-on. it's almond brittle, drizzled with dark chocolate and bits of seasalt.

there's nothing else but a merry christmas on a piece of cardstock. ]
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[Christmas Day, have a present GOSH]

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[Lea's still not sure how this all works, but beneath the tree there's a small, flat box wrapped neatly in bright paper that looks suspiciously sea-salt ice creamish in color. It's got Roxas' name written on it but the from should be pretty implied. Inside the box is a simple spiralbound leather journal in a familiar checkered pattern. There's a full page for every day of the year, and space for extra notes at the end. An ink pen made of driftwood is looped through the coils of the spine. There's a stickynote on the first page that reads, 'for the things you want to make sure to never forget'. Then there's a handful of interesting looking shells he picked up while he was on that mission to Hawaii littering the bottom of the box, along with a box of sea-salt caramels, which also have a stickynote on them that just has two exclamation points on it.

[... Hey, it was an exciting find, okay?]
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Not here - Christmas Day

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[Under the tree, there is a present that's been wrapped in a way that looks someone had a bit of trouble doing so- you know, a bit too much tape, some ends coming open, wrinkles. This should be a clear sign it came from your talentless hack of a somebody from the get-go. If that tip off isn't enough, there is a note:]

Merry Christmas Roxas!

I dunno how useful this'll be right now, but hey- the snow's gotta melt someday right?

- Sora

[And inside the wrapping paper is a white skateboard. It's not exactly like the one Roxas had, but, he tried to get as close as he could given the money and resources he has]
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