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XIII. ❛ROXAS❜ ([personal profile] otherness) wrote2013-07-26 01:29 am
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Day 357 5

I'm glad I was able to find my journal. A lot of things have happened. It's strange. I don't remember falling asleep, but when I woke up, I was being led out of this weird machine and then there was a lady talking to me. She said a lot-- far more than even the Superior, and that guy really likes to talk-- so I'm having to look over stuff on this computer they gave me.

I missed a lot of things when the woman was explaining. I met some interesting people, though. This place is outside of the Organization. They work kind of similarly, sending us on missions and stuff, but they're completely different. Since I'm not really happy with the way things have been going lately, I decided I'm not going to work for the Organization while I'm here. I don't think anyone will blame me.

It turns out that Axel and Xion are here, too. How lucky is that? They don't seem interested in working for the Organization either. They seem a lot happier than they did at home, too. While there isn't a clock tower here that we can meet at, or much ice cream, I think we'll be able to figure something out. Just being around them is enough.

Someone I met on my first day said that having a lot of friends here means you have to worry more. I'm not sure if that's true. If having one friend makes you happy, then having more than one would make you really happy. Even if something makes you sad, being around your friends makes it less somehow. I'm not really sure how it works, but that's how things are like with Axel and Xion around. No matter how tight and weird my chest gets, being around them makes me forget about it.


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