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• permissions for exsilium/saudade •

★ IC Permissions

☆ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Unless you know him, he'll try to shove it away, probably. Also kissing will probably make him go FHUDHUFSBZUH.
☆ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Go ahead, but he'll fight back!
☆ RELATIONSHIPS: You are free to try.
☆ PSYCHIC & PSIONIC INFORMATION: He has no mental wards of any kind, just let me know if you need any kind of input from me.
☆ MAGICAL INFORMATION: He can use Final Fantasy magic, which basically consists of elemental things. He can't cast spells like a wizard would, or hexes, or anything like that. He also has some control over darkness (the element) and light (the element) and he can make portals and shit like that. I took out his portal powers for Exsilium, fortunately.
☆ MEDICAL INFORMATION: He's in very good shape and health despite eating ice cream all the time. He doesn't register as completely human, though-- he's a Nobody, and while he has a heart/feelings/etc, not everyone might know that (Roxas sure as hell doesn't).
☆ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Keeping big secrets from him, Axel and Xion, keyblades... really, a lot of things can set him off. But he'll burn out eventually.

★ OOC Permissions

☆ BACKTAGGING: I backtag fucking forever.
☆ DO NOT WANT: My personal triggers include heavy drug use and rape. And bugs. So please no giant pictures of spiders or moths or anything. LMFAO

☆ ANYTHING ELSE? Roxas is not a pop singer.

★ First Impressions

☆ VISUAL: Big black coat. Crazy unruly blonde hair. Sometimes dresses in black and white, with accents of red.
☆ AURAL: Rough, teenage boy voice with casual speech. Usually soft spoken, but very deliberate when he wants to be. The first minute of this has his voice actor.
☆ OLFACTORY: He smells a little like sea-salt ice cream with that warm misty rain you get in tropical places. People with a more magic kind of sense (like Riku) will notice that he reeks of darkness (musty, a darker note), but also has quite a bit of light to him as well (light, airy, and almost sweet).
☆ DEMEANOUR: Guarded but not hostile (usually), a little awkward and sometimes rude, earnest and hard-working, protective of his friends, harbors strong convictions underneath.