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• permissions and impressions •

★ IC Permissions

☆ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Unless you know him, he'll try to shove it away, probably. Also kissing will probably make him go FHUDHUFSBZUH.
☆ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Go ahead, but he'll fight back!
☆ RELATIONSHIPS: Go ahead. Chances are I ship it too.
☆ PSYCHIC & PSIONIC INFORMATION: He has no mental wards of any kind, just let me know if you need any kind of input from me.
☆ MAGICAL INFORMATION: He can use Final Fantasy magic, which basically consists of elemental things. He can't cast spells like a wizard would, or hexes, or anything like that. He also has some control over darkness (the element) and light (the element) and he can make portals and shit like that.
☆ MEDICAL INFORMATION: He's in very good shape and health despite eating ice cream all the time. He doesn't register as completely human, though-- he's technically a clone and he's got weird ass powers because of it.
☆ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Keeping big secrets from him, Axel and Xion, keyblades... really, a lot of things can set him off. But he'll burn out eventually.

★ OOC Permissions

☆ BACKTAGGING: I backtag fucking forever.
☆ FOURTHWALLING: Um, this is a deviance, so prooobably not.
☆ DO NOT WANT: /kanyeshrug

☆ ANYTHING ELSE? Roxas is not a pop singer.

★ First Impressions

☆ VISUAL: Leather duster with a hood, somewhat Victorian accents everywhere else, high boots. Accessories typical of steampunk, but no monocle or anything like that. Crazy unruly blonde hair. Sometimes dresses in black and white, with accents of red.
☆ AURAL: Rough, teenage boy voice with casual speech. Usually soft spoken, but very deliberate when he wants to be. The first minute of this has his voice actor.
☆ OLFACTORY: He smells a little like sea-salt ice cream with that warm misty rain you get in tropical places. People with a more magic kind of sense (like Riku) will notice that he reeks of darkness (musty, a darker note), but also has quite a bit of light to him as well (light, airy, and almost sweet).
☆ DEMEANOUR: Guarded but not hostile (usually), a little awkward and sometimes rude, earnest and hard-working, protective of his friends, harbors strong convictions underneath.